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Pc Stuttering when FileChecking On Net Drive.


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Just wondering if anyone can help me find a solution to an issue im having with Utorret 3.3?

I download torrents to a drive on my server via a mapped Network drive on my PC but if i reboot my PC those torrents start checking like usual, but they make my PC stutter it freezes in jumps which make it unusable. This only happens when Checking torrents on Network drives, checking to local drives works fine as does the actual downloading itself.

I cant work out what the cause of this is, so i am writing this post to try and get help.

I have watched my resource monitor whilst this happens and my CPU & RAM are not the issue, also the LAN NIC is receiving / transmitting around 54Mbps when the torrents on the Mapped drives are being checked. Also the Server where the HDD resides isnt having any resource issues either which has got me stumped.

Im running: -

Win 8 Pro X64

I7 950

6Gb DDR3 1333mhz

Multiple SATA 2 HDD's

AMD 7970

Broadcom NetXtreme II Gigabit LAN adapter

Server is running: -

Win WHS 2011

I7 2600

4gb DDR3 1333mhz

Gigabit LAN

Any one have any ideas why the checking of torrents on a mapped drive would cause my PC to stutter?



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I have a desktop and a server both with gigabit NIC's, A gigbit router in between. the 54mbps is only i number i got from resource monitor which is the speed utorrent is sending data at, i mean i do see 100mbps spikes now and again but my LAN is definatly not 54mbps more like 1000mbps.

My server is also receiving 54mbps of data. But its causing stuttering issues when it hits those speeds. I know the gb LAN is only theoretical numbers but wouldnt it come down to how quick the HDD in the server can serve up the data to my PC?

Im just thinking an average SATA 2 HDD only has a read / write speed of 50-80mbps in practice, i know the bus can take more (300mbps) but you never get bus speeds do you (except in bursts)?

which is what made me think HDD bottleneck. I am dl'ing & checking multiple torrents to a single HDD on my server. But cant see why this would make my PC stutter i mean everything freezes in jumps mouse movements everthing. I just thought caching would of taken care of this so it wouldnt effect my pc in such a way?

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Can utorrent now handle multiple CPU cores? Just wondering as ive got Utorrent doing quite a lot of work to a mapped network drive and is the only thing running and i have a single core on my CPU maxed out according to my CPU meter? That could be the cause of my stuttering. If it is shouldn't utorrent be able to handle networking jobs using multiple cores by now?

Only just noticed it, was just checking task manager which only shows 20% CPU usage. So didn't think CPU could have been an issue but if a core is being overloaded couldn't that do it?

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its only when i have to file check on a mapped drive i get the problem so as long as my PC doesnt crash i should be OK. So i think for know if i get in a situation where i have to run file checks on these torrents i will just run over night.

Its not LAN, its not HDD. So like u said in your original post file checking uses more CPU than usual, so having a core maxed out whilst checking seems to be the issue even though this is only 12.5% of my total CPU usage. Isnt that a Utorrent programming problem in that it cant offload to another core?

Other than this little niggle Utorrent is perfect and always has been for me.

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so just ran LAN test and am getting 691 Mbps write & 392 Mbps read on a 20MB file, on 2nd run of a 100 MB file i got 701 Mbps write & 405 Mbps read so its definitely not LAN. I used LAN speed test which isn't the greatest but it proved the point that LAN isn't my issue.

So all comes back to the core being maxed out.

Thanks for the replies by the way it appreciated.

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I found the true cause of my issue of PC stuttering when Utorrent read / write a lot of data to a mapped drive!!!

I use Windows 8 Pro and one of its features Hyper-V i also use, i neglected to un-set the setting in the Virtual Switch manager which allowed the OS access to the Network adapter i was using for Hyper-V to give my VPC's access to my network. So Windows 8 had to deal with 2 NIC's running independently of each other on the same LAN.

Now i have resolved this i can Download and file check to my hearts content to my mapped drive without causing any more Stuttering, even with a core maxed out at 100% usage it still handles it fine. The problem had nothing to do with Utorrent in the end, the only reason i had suspected it was because it was the only program really doing any work on my PC during every time i got this issue.

Got there in the end, maybe someone out there who also uses Win 8 Pro & hyper-V with 2 NIC's & Utorrent will find this post of some use in the future.


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