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Port forwarding issues


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I use pfsense for router software and have been trying to get port forwarding to work on the latest version of uTorrent (I dont want uPnP on my network). I've been to the pfsense forums and it looks like the router is setup correctly, however, uTorrent tests fail and state no port is forwarded.

After much trial and error I decided I should look at a different client and d/l BitTorrent 7.8 (same parent company I think). The tests on this client still show a lack of a forwarded port BUT I have the green check mark showing that all is ok, whereas uTorrent would should show a yellow check mark at best.

I'm wondering if there is an issue with the port check when ports are forwarded manually rather than automatically configured using uPnP.

Any insights?


*edit* I forgot to mention that if uPnP is enabled then everything works fine.

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