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No Preferences?


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I am using OSX 10.7.4 and up to a week ago I was able to down load from a torrent site. But then all of a sudden I can't any more. In the uTorrent client it says that there is no incoming port and the light is read. I tried a bunch of stuff, i.e., I deleted the app from my system. I then upgraded to 1.8 of uTorrent. But when I launched it the settings from the old client was still active, in other words in kept the settings, weird. I tried looking in the Application Support folder but I did not find a folder for uTorrent. I thought if I deleted the preference file it would revert back to a clean install, but I didn't find a thing. So the questions are: where is the uTorrent folder, where are the preferences and how do I get a fresh start?

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