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Looking for a way to collect seeds,compare seed lists between torrents


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Or magnets.

I put this here as I don't know where else to, and there are ways utorrent could make such a process viable.

The basic idea is to collect lists of seeds, without actually downloading the files, and compare list a to list b, to list c for each torrent/magnet. IPs found in more than 1 torrent currently loaded into either collection list or actual downloads would be banned for that session and until choosing to reset temporary IP bans. (I don't like ipfilter.dat for this as I believe it does not take effect without restarting utorrent). The threshold could be set at 2 torrents with that same IP, or 3, or 4, or 5. Depending on user preference.

Why do all this? My theory is that ISP reporting int-prop watchdogs don't use a dedicated IP for each individual torrent/magnet they are watching and reporting IPs from. Thus, they will show up in multiple popular torrents seed lists. This is, in essence, a new approach to utorrent privacy that I'd like to see developed. Sure, you would end up with a lot of false positives, but I believe you would still be able to download, albeit slower than usual. Also, methods could be developed to whitelist certain peers who simply like to seed multiple torrents. I am not sure how yet, but there's likely some way to do this.

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