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Waiting to Login, can't download, + list things I've tried


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I have 2 computers behind a switch. One computer that I use uTorrent on mostly has stopped downloading recently with no changes from me that I can think of. The other computer will download just fine, so that seems to rule out my router (I've tried the same incoming port).

Uninstalled the following:

* AVG 2011

* Comodo firewall

* Anything that has been installed recently (not much)

Other stuff:

* Turned off my windows firewall.

* Uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled latest (cleared settings also).

* Ran the utorrent tests (passed)

Over the past few days I did have one torrent connect/complete sometime in the middle of the night when I forgot to shut utorrent down. All but that one just sit there 'connecting to peers'.

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