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Can uT Mac make personal torrents?


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Hello, Guys:

Just an "aficionado" really, a heavy user,

but without any geek skills whatsoever.

Anyhow, I'm in a forum board where admin and mod,

instead of posting links, are beginning to create personal-private torrents to share content.

The url of those torrents is the uploader IP + port. Nothing else.

I have asked a friend that runs windows

and knows how this is achieved, and he said to me:

Yes, it's your real IP and the port number used by uTorrent.

If your ISP assigns a dynamical IP, that's the IP you should use

(and not the IP assigned by your router).

Before you can use this method you must go to uTorrent Advanced Settings

and change bt.enable_tracker from FALSE to TRUE.

After that you can start creating private torrents using the tracker


Now I'm asking, is there any chance of doing just that under Mac,

without turning to hideous Vuze? I really like uT,

because it has the simpler most fun interface of the market.

It is really FUNNY to play with the client, like a pinball machine really,

but this functionality ought to be possible as well here,

or at least envisaged by the devs, shouldn't it?

Thanks in advance for any hints regarding this,

I have several humongous personal projects in torrenting,

took me months to build them, but am unable to share them for the community as of now,

because they are so complex in content even TPB could not swallow them.

Demonoid did, but that is no more, I'm told ;-)

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Aaaaaaaaah, wooooooooo, yessssss, wonderful,

Now I feel like the main character of Ali Baba before entering the cave...

Mister, u just managed, in 10 words, to fill my mind with simply images unspoken, only seen.

Each option, a vision, which opening releases like a storm wracked mariners

and dukes and sprites and sports, that cram my insular imagination, fill my inner atoll...


thank you.

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