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Windows firewall Question


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Hey everybody ,

I have checked my windows firewall to make sure that utorrent 3.2 is ok.

It says the utorrent UDP and TCP IN are good to go . Im just wondering if

the OUT is included in that or does it need to be added manually ? Also ,

I thought there was a 3rd protocall sp? was used by ut. Im not talking about

the DHT , i could be wrong , i am most times . lol .

Would some kind soul help me out with this question ? It would be so appreciated . Thanks all !


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do i need to add it ? If so , how do i word it ?
Yes and if you do not know how to write firewall rules, and there's no good reason why you should have that knowledge, use the "Allow an application ..."

Alternatively if you are behind a NAT router disable the fire wall completely because by the time a computer firewall warns of anything, it's already too late, as whatever it is has already established a foothold.

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