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User Account Control pop-up every start-up, Windows 8


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My utorrent hasn't worked correctly since I left my laptop on overnight a couple of weeks ago for some torrents to finish downloading. In the morning I found that utorrent had crashed and when I tried to restart it, it continued to crash about 5 minutes after starting the program. I uninstalled and reinstalled the 3.3 I think it was, but now I've got a new problem.

Every time I open utorrent it comes up with the User Account Control message (Do you want to let this program make changes to this computer?) which made me think it wasn't installed properly, so I uninstalled and installed another version, same thing is still happening.

Once utorrent is running I run the Setup Guide and let the upload tests run. They find the right port e.t.c. and I select "Save and Close" but in about one minute the orange symbol on the right hand bottom corner is flashing and my torrents aren't doing anything. I can repeat the process as many times as I want, the orange symbol will still flash a minute or two after having a successful test.

Another thing that happens is even when I've already started utorrent separately, if I click on a new torrent the User Account Control button comes up again.

I've tried deleting the settings.dat.old under AppData, no luck. Also, now I'm running 3.4 Alpha (I figured it couldn't hurt to try). Please help!

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