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DHT and UDP not working on uTorrent 3.3


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After a rather long troubleshooting procedure trying various torrents and magnet links I discovered that UDP trackers are not working, and that the utorrent client fails to retrieve peers and seeders from the DHT swarm even though it reports DHT as "working" and the bottom status of the main window reports hundreds of nodes. These things used to work in the past.

I'm running uTorrent on a Win7-x64 machine with no extra antivirus bundle or firewall software except for the one that comes with Win7.

I tried adding the "/recover" option to the shortcut path of the shortcut in the quicklaunch bar but that didn't change anything. So I started up a command prompt and ran utorrent.exe with the /recover flag from there. First then UDP trackers started working and the client started retrieveng seeds/peers via DHT.

This is obviously a bug in uTorrent which I hope will be fixed asap.

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I removed DHT*.* files from the uTorrent configuration directory (e.g. "C:\Users\g00ey\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\") and that made UDP/DHT work again. It remains to see for how long this "duct tape solution" will last.

If anyone is interested I can supply those DHT files here so that the bug can be removed.

I suspect that a lot of people have these issues but they may not realize that uTorrent is the culprit, and once they do, instead of nagging on these forums they switch to another client such as Transmission or Vuze. Most bittorrent sites these days have switched to UDP and some even rely on DHT alone, i.e. not using any trackers at all.

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I not only have no DHT but as of 2 days ago I am also showing no local peer discovery and the same for Peer Exchange, I am so slow,

Everything is enabled

I'm on Win7/64 Using build 3.2 of UTorrent

I hope I'm in the right spot for advise to correct this?

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