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Some personal problem with DHT and trackers


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I've downloaded/seeded hundreds of torrents in last years.

Example case: This time I'm trying to download a Nav**** Report Viewer (dated Feb. 2012) torrent (TPB).

It has:

DHT: (seeds 0, peers 5)

Local Peers Discovery (seeds 0, peers 0)

Peer Exchange (seed 0, peers 0)

http exodus desync com :6969 (seeds 2, peers 1)

udp fr33domtracker h33t com :3310 (seeds 1, peers 1)

udp tracker istole it :80 (seeds 4, peers 1)

udp tracker openbittorrent com :80 (seeds 4, peers 1)

udp tracker publicbt com :80 (seeds 3, peers 1)

Seeds: 0 of 0 connected (4 in swarm)

Peers: 0 of 8 connected (1 in swarm)

It has been ~4 hours, and I cannot download even a single bit., though it has 4 seeders. (No other torrent is active)

And it's always like that with other torrents when no seeders in DHT I always cannot download data.

I have no problem at all with other torrents when it has one or more seeders in DHT.


In another side, when seeding (after finish downloading a torrent) I'm always not tracked by DHT, but tracked by trackers.

Said that before I seed, a torrent has 4 seeders in DHT, and 8 seeders in a http/udp tracker.

After I finish download it, then I seed, number of seeders in http/udp tracker is changed to 9 (adding me).

But, number of seeders in DHT always remains 4 (not adding me).


So, when downloading I must have seeder(s) in DHT or fail.

But, when uploading (seeding) DHT does not count me, only http/udp trackers.

I can seed (upload) with no DHT, but I cannot download with no seeders in DHT.

When downloading, seeders in http/udp trackers are not connected to me.

But, when seeding, http/udp trackers count me and I can seed/upload.


In Preferences | BitTorrent: All are checked except "Limit local peer bandwidth".

Protocol encryption: Outgoing = Enabled.

In Windows Firewall, uTorrent exception is added.

In Comodo Firewall, uTorrent is set as Trusted Application (Allow all Incoming and Outgoing Requests).

I have no firewall in my free Avira antivirus.

I use a mobile broadband (CDMA / EvDO Rev A) modem / ISP for Internet connection, no router is used. I use USB modem dongle directly connected to laptop.

Looks like it has ISP limitation with port. (My IP address is dynamic IP)

In uTorrent Setup Guide, it always get "Results; Port is not open (you are still able to download)."

Though, with healthy torrents I have no problem when downloading and seeding, (only have downloading problem when no seeders in DHT).



(1) Why I cannot download when no seeders in DHT, though there are seeders in http/udp trackers?

Is there any tweak I can do in uTorrent to overcome this problem?

(2) Why DHT does not count me when I'm seeding?

(3) When I want to use "Preferences | BitTorrent | IP/HostName to report to tracker", which IP address should I fill?

--From the web's whatismyipaddress I opened in browser, my IP address is 114.79.0.*

--But from ipconfig, my PPP adapter's IP address is 10.163.*.* , with default gateway is also 10.163.*.*

--Still the same connection, when I connected to IRC, using whois command I see my IP address is 114.79.1.* and it will be different address again in another IRC server.

(I've asked about this "many IP addresses on a single connection" in a local forum, and they said it's typical to CDMA / EvDO mobile connection.)

So, which one?

--How to find out what my IP address is actually used by torrent trackers? Is there any utility/script/software I can use?

Please help, thank you.

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