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Not connecting to UDP tracker through proxy (TorGuard)


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Hello all,

I'm currently using uTorrent on Windows 2008R2 version 3.3 (29010). I have been trying to use TorGuard with uTorrent without success. When I add in the proxy information, uTorrent is unable to connect to any UDP trackers.

Before anyone says this is a TorGuard issue, I installed and tested with Deluge. That client was able to successfully connect to the trackers through the proxies.

I have searched the forums but cannot find an answer as to why the proxy connection to a UDP tracker does not work in uTorrent but does work in Deluge.



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It's a limitation of the proxy.

Ahh, gotcha. I thought you were saying it was a limitation of the application but it is, indeed, an issue with the proxy.

However, wouldn't it be the software if I can get a different piece of software to successfully work with the proxy?

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Actullly DWK, your wrong. Also a torguard user here, thought I'd chime in hoping the utorrent dev's will take note.

I know for a fact torguard proxies use dante, not ss5, and fully support udp over socks5. Since I can use upd just fine over a proxy with Deluge and Vuze, then this is obviously a software issue with utorrent.

utorrent is my favorite client to use, so I hope the dev's take note and decide to fix the proxy support. Until then, I have to use something else.

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Thanks for the info. After trying out a different torrent application that worked properly, I thought it was an issue with uTorrent itself and not the service.

Anyone know if this is something that's been submitted as a bug?

Thanks again!

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viriiman, the problem is that when the proxy connection through uTorrent times out, uTorrent doesn't make a timely attempt to reestablish the connection. As a result uTorrent no longer has connectivity to the interwebs. uTorrent needs a function to periodically check and reestablish proxy connections in order to maintain interweb connectivity.

You can generally resolve the issue by closing uTorrent and then reopening it 30sec later.

I wouldn't hold out hope for this defect to be resolved; the devs have been aware of its existence for years. Every thread on the topic is summarily closed after the issue is blamed the proxy provider. With the recent mass influx of users to services like Torguard and BTGuard, uTorrent is going to experience some serious user attrition.

Your only alternatives at this point are to either setup uTorrent to shutdown and then restart periodically (e.g. every hour) via Windows Task Scheduler. Or to use a Torrent client that supports proxies.

Good Luck.

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