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Uploading speed don't work( Tried mostly everything)


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As my downloading complete uploading speeds comes down gradually and after few hours it gets stop and it happens in uploading case too if i want to upload some torrent file uploading don't work.

Peer.lazy_bitfield is true.

Queueing settings:

Maximum number of active torrents(Upload or download) 8

Maximum number of active downloads 5

Maximum Ratio(%) 150

Minimum seeding time: 0

Minimum number of available seed=0

Seeding tasks have high priority than downloading tasks= Unchecked

Limit the upload ratio to =Unchecked

Bandwidth settings:

Maximum Upload rate(kB/s)=60

Alternate upload rate when not downloading= 50

Apply rate limit to uTP connections is checked rest are unchecked

Use additional upload slots if upload speed is <90% is checked

I am using Eset Smart Security, i read a post where there was settings for many firewalls and AV but Eset smart security wasn't enlisted.

Help Please

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