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Smart Feed Crash


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Hey all,

I've sent the associated dump off to the email contact already, but I thought I would post/repost the report here, in case anyone has had/solved this one already. A search didn't turn anything up, however.

I found an odd, very repeatable bug that has me stumped.

In utorrent Version 1.8.2 (29019) (on OS X 10.8.2 build 12C60, a imac, 21.5 inch late 2009) , a smart feed which i've previously defined is causing a crash.

Let me expand on that a little bit. The feeds are not causing the crash; anything having to do with smart feeds is, (aside from viewing existing ones)

For example: edit existing smart feed, create new smart feed, etc, as soon as it is clicked upon --> instant crash. I suppose it would be the smart feed dialog at fault. My next step is to begrudgingly clear out my rss.dat file and recreate it to see if the problem is reproducible that way.

An error is logged to the system console, as follows:

3/4/13 4:45:32.000 PM kernel[0]: Data/Stack execution not permitted: uTorrent[pid 1170] at virtual address 0xfefff000, protections were read-write

3/4/13 4:45:38.659 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[131]: ([0x0-0x11c11c].com.bittorrent.uTorrent[1170]) Exited with code: 1

This is typical on each click of a smart feed function, with times and PIDs changing of course. No error responder dialog pops up from the system (due to exit status 1 i'd imagine), just a flat crash to desktop. All other functions of the application work perfectly normal, but for the smart feed.

If it is of use, the smart feed actually still *works*, in that it polls and retrieves new torrents as expected. I just found this one when attempting to add a new feed.

Thanks all!

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