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Inactive Torrents when Seeding


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Im new to torrent downloading etc. A friend of mine invited me to a torrent website called tvtorrents. The website uses credits, if you have credits you can download torrents if you dont you cant. To get credits you have to seed torrents you download.

The torrents download fine, however when they start seeding, they go into the active section for a few seconds then straight into the inactive and wont upload/seed. I have tried re downloading utorrent - not worked, ive done port forwarding on my router - not worked. Ive been doing the setup guide quite often, sometimes the bandwidth and the network say they are working and the setup was successful, other times the bandwidth fails due to connection timing out but network still works correctly.

I have tried loads of things and am getting to the point of uninstalling utorrent!!!!

If anyone could help I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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