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Latest Utorrent won't register with license......


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Each time I try to turn a normal UTorrent freebie into a Torrent PLUS app by dragging my registration key to register it now says;


And a lot of blurb claiming that I have installed it too many times......what gives?

I just re-initialized my hard drive because my original AMD setup caused many problems with some equipment I normally use.

Anyway I installed a New OS onto my OLD Intel setup and now I can't use your Utorrent software because you want more money again.

It seems you have decided the OLD Roboform way of extorting money from users but they themselves have stopped that stupid way of crippling their wares. Instead now they have upgraded their software to accept the license from you no matter how many times you re-install the Operating System, kudos to Roboform now.

Please can the sellers of Utorrent take a look at another way in registering their item.

Please fix this because I won't be spending anymore money to register your app on one PC only.

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