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utorrent won't work with BTGuard


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I'm in Germany using utorrent with a BTGuard proxy server.

When it is not connected to the BTGuard proxy server, it works fine. But when it is, it stops working completely. I don't want to torrent without BTGuard running.

I have tried editting the host name with the ip addresses suggested in http://forum.vuze.com/thread.jspa?threadID=109131&start=0&tstart=0 by YourMom and caddy10. I used the ip addresses listed by correzpond.

This worked once before when I was in America, but it does not work here. If anybody has any ideas or insights, it would be greatly appreciated.

If it matters:

- I use Windows 8 (I did when editting the host name in America worked too)

- The port I use for incoming connections in utorrent is able to download (assuming BTGuard is not running)

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