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Heavy load on system.


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Sorry if this has already been taken care of, I couldn't find it if so... (I really wouldn't be surprised)


I have been using 2.0.4 for a very long time, because whenever I upgraded it drove my PC into constant heavy load on the system. No good.

But, now I have a newer, stronger PC! So I finally figured, what the heck, let's get with "the times", and upgraded.

Ouch. It boots REALLY slow, loading each individual torrent, one at a time. Then, once that's finally done, even with priority set to Low, it slows everything badly (almost constantly 45%-55% CPU usage).

Here's my big problem: I've got over 1500 torrents loaded. I already understand that this is a major source of my problem. HOWEVER. I've been using 2.0.4 for so long because it simply doesn't care. It loads up almost instantly, never takes more than 1-3% of my resources, and does everything I want (other than the Ratings/comments, which I do wish to use).

So, what's up?

Is there a (preferably easy) way to get 3.0+ working comfortably (fast load and low CPU), or am I just better off sticking to what I already know works and I like?

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