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My µTorrent freezes then crash (from a french guy)


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First of all I must apologize for my english, which may sometimes be poor in explanations.

Sorry too if my problem has already been subjected before from another guy.

I'll try to explain it clearly, here I go :

When I start the computer or launch µTorrent with a double click, all seems to go perfectly... at first look.

After few minutes, when I pass my mouse pointer on the µTorrent window, it change to circle (you know, like when you must wait because computer is working). Then, If i dare to click anywhere, a message tells me that the program isn't responding anymore, and offers me to wait or close.

I've been waiting for a day long and nothing changes.

When I want to restart µTorrent, i sometimes need first to go on Ctrl+Alt+Suppr window (don't know his name) to close the µTorrent process.

WHen µTorrent launches itself, my current download is "verifying" from a loooooooong time, then the download restarts normally. After few minutes, the same problem occur.

I deleted µTorrent and installed the latest version, but nothing changes.

I guess my configuration is ok, because it worked well before and I did nothing that shall explain this changes.

I hope I made myself understood well, if not, feel fre to ask me more !

Thanks in advance, Shado.

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