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'Not Valid Bencoding' Error and not connecting to Peers


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For some reason, every single torrent I download I get this error. These are different files from different sites. I have even tried BitTorrent and get the exact same problem. On the ones that don't get this error, they won't connect to peers. I also had a problem the other day with a torrent downloading half way through and then stopping as the rest of the file was empty? Something like that.

These are some of the files I'm trying to download

<do not link content directly - Admin>

I don't know torrent 'language' well, so if you could simplify things for me, that would be much appreciated.

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Oh, sorry!

I'm using Firefox. I did try it on Chrome too and got a similar error. No files will work using that either.

My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium I think.

The utorrent version is I just downloaded it yesterday as I had been using bittorrent.

I only have Microsoft Security essentials on the pc as far as I know of.

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