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utorrent restart problems!!!plsss help!!


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Hello to all,

i dont know if anyone has a similar problem as me but i can not stand it anymore.

Its about months now that something very strange keeps on happening to utorrent.

Ok,lets say i am having torrents downloading and then i restart my pc or i close it to go to sleep.

The problem is that when i restart my pc all the torrents i am downloading has been transfered from the "downloading" area to the "complete" area with the indication "wrong,this torrent can not be completed" or something like that.

What i am doing every day is that i keep the torrent files(the green one),i am deleting the the torrent from utorrent and i am clicking again on the torrent file so the torrent will start again.

First it will check it self and then restart from the previous position it has been stoped.

The problem is that i have to do that every time i restart my pc with each one torrent i am downloading.

I dont know if someone understood wntirely my issue and forgive my poor english but this is the best explanation i can give in English.

I have also downloaded a new utorrent version from the beggining and it keeps on doing the same thing though it never did that at the past.It started like 6 months ago and i i am living with this issue cause i havent find a solution anywhere.

pls hepl!!!

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