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Download speed not refreshed in main window


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Hello,i have installed utorrent v3.3 build 29126 32bit and i discovered that in this version in main windows,the colums status(%),download speed,upload speed and stimation on all downloads are not refreshed whit the values that the torrent have in every moment,the values are fixed and not refreshed.

In previous version this don´t ocurred.

Thank you

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I can confirm the issue. I just downloaded the latest build (29342) and the download speed will not refresh when you've highlighted the torrent. Also, the percent complete value will not update.

I just noticed the issue, but prior to that I had selected "Alternate list background colors". I will try and uncheck that and see if the problem is solved.

*Edit* It turn out the "Alternate list background colors" has nothing to do with it.

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Just have installed update "3.3 (build 29420)"

Same problem appeared =(

Main display freezes completely. When i try to switch between torrent categories or labels i see the same screen on which program was stuck.

In the header i can see that speed is changing and process of downloading is running.

Finally, upgrade to build 29420 delivers me:

1) ad banner at the left bottom

2) ad "featured torrent" banner in the upper part

3) main window stuck

4) necessity to downgrade

Ok, today i've found answers, having spent only 2 hour of my time and i am able to switch all banners off and fulfill downgrade.

But who guarantee that next version won't force this banners to stay without any solution to remove them? What kind of bugs will i receive in future "stable" versions (of course option "to upgrade to beta versions" is switched off on my uTorrent)?

Very disappointing.

Will try to downgrade as suggested above, but is uTorrent still trustworthy? Thinking of switching off update function. Or even about searching of alternatives.

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Panic in uTorent's ranks :D

I don't know what they are doing, but since build 29420 was issued, something definitely is happening there. Something frightening and frustrating.

uTorrent 3.3 Build 29462..

It's awful.

Just tried it now - ok, i can switch between categories and 'screen stuck bug' seems to be fixed, but now instead of 1 problem i got at least 5:

1) almost 15 minutes for uTorrent startup time (taking into consideration that i have 750 torrents in memory, only 1 active, 749 stopped)

2) on each restart utorrent commence checking of downloading torrents integrity, without any reason for such check

3) time of checking torrents integrity increased by more than 15 times in comparison with same ops in previous build

4) sometimes utorrent even stops checking and percent of completion is not increasing, until i restart current torrent manually

5) percent bar on downloading torrents screen became buggy. It shows wrong percent of downloaded data (checked by dividing 'already downloaded size' by 1% of the whole weight of the downloaded file)


Let me guess please: may be uTorrent stuff is giving us gentle hint like: "guys, how much more buggy builds we should issue, before you'll realize that there is only one way to get stable version - buy uTorrent Plus!"

Or, at least, may be switching off this two options: 'offers.left_rail_offer_enabled' & 'offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled' causes such problems? Some kind of side effects, you know ;)

K, it would be very funny if it wasn't so sad.

My above said question is still actual. Is this necessary 'bugfixing' update (read: bug delivering&advertisement installing) feature is as necessary as it looks like? Or even is uTorrent is still trustworthy after all?

ps1. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=120754

Stroke of genius.. All the words are already said :)

Downgrader: "...Originally, my goal was to solve the problems I was having with 3.1.3. After 8 hours of working on that, I changed my goal to having a working copy of uTorrent.

So, whether I solved the problem or not very much depends on how you define the problem. From my point of view, the ultimate goal was to have a working copy of uTorrent"

Administration: "You are also unsupported at this point"

ps2. It's really scary! I will be unsupported at this point.. So it means that i wont receive any of this bugfix updates (read: bug delivering&advertisement installing)? Wrap up 2 pieces of this, please :)

ps3, final. My personal total time of working on finding remedy for the bugs of builds 29420&29462 is 4 hours 52 minutes. And still counting..

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You might want to try out 3.3.1 . At least 29335 was doing better. I guess the *next* build there will fix the remaining issues with magnets.

Still, the upload limiter rate "balancing" between peers is a bit "discriminating" there ... ;)

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Thnx, but it seems to me that use of beta versions if stable versions are so buggy is risky gamble))

So i've downgraded to v.3.2.3 Build 28705 as guys from the above suggested. Everything works fine again.

To all who don't know how to perform d-grade: uTorrent doesn't hold previous versions on it's site, so google for Build 28705, download 3-4 copies from different sites and compare sizes. Thus you'll ensure that you won't install any malware in addition to uT client. Most reliable size, as found by comparing different versions from trusted sites was 946 KB (969 104 Bytes).

And remember - you don't need to uninstall current version for downgrade, just install lower versions above present, all torrents and settings will stay fine, just checked by myself. Gl.

ps. I'm glad to become unsupported at this point, gentleman. And i really don't know what kind of shameless lazy-bones uT stuff should be for issuing such buggy and full of holes version of "stable uT client". For such fundamental project as uT - it's simply indecently, unacceptable and.. impossible.

Repulsive tendency, isn't it?

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I have build 29462, and I am having the same issue with the lack of refreshing. If you cycle through your download list by either clicking or with the arrow keys, then the values refresh, BUT ONLY THEN. And when I add more than one magnet file then I need to restart uTorrent to actually see them in my list. Please fix this, it is rather annoying. though it still downloads, which is useful.


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I have the same issue....it happened so I bought a subscription thinking it would help...

I'm using windows7 home premium on an ASUS laptop with an i7 processor and 8 gigs of memory...i am using hidemyass and i have comcast as my internet provider....

problem was resolved with by downloading the latest alpha version...3.4 version 29861 32 bit...

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