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trouble in understanding error messages


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Lately, I've been receiving the following messages in my Logger tab:

[2013-03-12 19:17:42] Incoming connection from

[2013-03-12 19:17:42] UPnP: The device "" is not a UPnP router (

[2013-03-12 19:17:42] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)

[2013-03-12 19:32:44] DEBUG: UPnP: Received UPnP packet [from] [socket 0x000004b4]: NOTIFY * HTTP/1.1 HOST: LOCATION: SERVER: Windows/6.1.7600 UPnP/1.1 uTorrent(client)(native)/331 NTS: ssdp:alive ST: ut:client:service:pairing USN: uuid:cb8a6b20-8777-e211-83e5-001e101f7f74 FRIENDLYNAME:DAMIAN-PC HH:WAaGa2pX8xYzEB78

[2013-03-12 19:32:44] DEBUG: UPnP: Got a reply/notify event

[2013-03-12 19:32:44] UPnP: Found location from upnp notify:

[2013-03-12 19:32:44] recvfrom ERROR: 10035

This is my first time using uTorrent, and as a newbie there are certain terminologies that I don't understand (especially the ones mentioned earlier). I'm hoping that someone could tell me what those messages meant and how to fix them. Sorry for troubling you.

And thanks in advance! :)

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I've just finished reading the posts and comments about 'WARNING: Possibly insufficient sources.' All of the problems posted in the forums were on the cases of downloading torrents. What about on the case of this warning message appearing while seeding? I have finished downloading the file a week ago and is currently seeding. How can I fix this problem?

Please help enlighten my mind. :)

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