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high level disk i/o pressure & directory move bug


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when using ut 3.3(29126), i'm suffering from unbearable high level disk i/o pressure. usually it happens when the torrent is several gb. this didn't happen when i'm using previous versions of ut.

i'm using win8 x64 with superfetch on. and i'm using intel rapidstorage ,too.


this bug happens when i REDIRECT a file to its sub-directory.

exp: i download abc.mkv to D:\movies, and after that i move abc.mkv ti D:\movies\seen, so i redirect abc.mkv to that directory in utorrent. But when i restart ut, i found ut is searching for D:\movies\seen\seen, so i have to redirect the file agian and re-hash it (which may take a long time).

anyway can solve the problem?

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