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Queued Seed - this status for long time


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I am seeding about 200 torrents.

After start uTorrent all my torrents have "queued seed" status and it takes over hour till all completed torrents will go seeding.

Probably some settings are not ok, but I have no idea what is wrong now.

My upload speed 1Mbit/s. Upload max set on 100K (max I can reach is 115K).

Can somebody help?



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My settings (don't know which are important)


enable upnp and nat - checked, add windows firewall - checked, randomize port - unchecked


max upload - 100

alternate upload - unchecked

apply rate limit - checked

apply rate limit to utp - checked

stop transfer on user... - unchecked

global maximum nr of con...- 250

max number con peers - 50

slots - 5

use add up sloats - checked


enable dht network - unchecked (i use only private trackers)

enable dht for new torrents - unchecked

enable LPD - checked

enable bandwidth mngmt - checked

enable udp - checked

ask tracker - checked

enable peer exchange - unchecked

limit local peer bandwith - unchecked

outgoing - enabled; allow incoming legacy connection - checked

transfer cap - enabled

200 GB, 31 days, limit time upload


max nr of active torrents: 6

max nr of active dwnld: 2

seeding: max ratio 150%, min seeding time - 0, min number of seed - 0, seeding task - unchecked

limit upload rate - unchecked

If something else is needed please let me know

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