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uTorrent installation - Threat detected


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I downloaded 3.3 ver. 29333, started to install and KAV reported threat:

detected: malware URL: htt p://x19network.com/rmx/dsnr/int.php

detected: malware URL: htt p://imp.install-zone.com/impression.do/?user_id=290450A2-F280-449C-9B05-0B0C9E89FD4C&event=setup_run&spsource=68E633381BD14a69BD08A05C22B72D6A&traffic_source=68E633381BD14a69BD08A05C22B72D6A&browser=FF&implementation_id=dll

It calls upon some webpages?

Your file is infected.

Of course I've clicked upon these links and KAV immediately blocked pages, trojan reported.

Here, I made links non-clickable, to prevent some genius to click on them. :D:o

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I saw that uTorrent was updated to 29342 and it has same issue - infection.

detected: malware URL: htt p://imp.install-zone.com/impression.do/?user_id=D9C616D0-D29F-4022-B583-8EF457E20E3A&event=setup_run&spsource=68E633381BD14a69BD08A05C22B72D6A&traffic_source=68E633381BD14a69BD08A05C22B72D6A&browser=FF&implementation_id=dll

detected: malware URL: htt p://imp.install-zone.com/impression.do/?user_id=D9C616D0-D29F-4022-B583-8EF457E20E3A&event=dll_wrapper_initialize_0_764&spsource=68E633381BD14a69BD08A05C22B72D6A&traffic_source=68E633381BD14a69BD08A05C22B72D6A&browser=FF&implementation_id=dll

Does anyone from uTorrent creator see this post?

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It's not a warning, I installed uTorrent 3.3 wihtout KAV on. Started uTorrent and then KAV, and after few seconds KAV was disinfecting utorrent.exe (the running app), because of the same problem. Utorrent 3.2.3 has no problems at all with this problem, only 3.3 all versions.

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This is not an advert, it calles upon a webpage secretly. Up above pages in posts were blocked by KAV, if you tried to URL it to any browser, now it's presented with a PNG 1x1 pixel image. And previous uTor had ads while installing.

Latest version:

31-Mar-13 12:31:56 Deleted adware not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.iBryte.aacc c:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe Medium


This is adware.

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