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magnet link doesn't make uTorrent active window


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When I click on a magnet link in my browser (typically Chrome, but this also occurs with Firefox), uTorrent never quite makes it to the fore of my screen.

The sequence of events is as follows:

  1. I click on a magnet link in the browser
  2. The menubar at the top of the screen in OS X changes to the uTorrent application, but the window I see is my browser's window.
  3. I press CMD-TAB and see that uTorrent is indeed the first application listed, but by having pressed CMD-TAB I've pushed the browser to the top of the stack
  4. CMT-TAB a second time brings the main uTorrent screen to the fore and I can now click on a dialog box to add the torrent

uTorrent: 1.8.2

OS X: 10.8.2

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