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Detailed info bar gone?


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Hi everyone,

When I upgraded to the latest version of uTorrent (1.6.5 - Mac version), I noticed something was missing. Usually, when I click on a torrent, a little section appears at the bottom displaying the peers, availability, files, etc for that torrent.

(EXAMPLE screenshot is below - this is not mine but I just wanted to show you what I mean: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-sGD1pXVUXeM/UKE6wfD6z1I/AAAAAAAAAQ0/Wx5Fl_Z0cAo/s1600/utorrent+for+windows.png)

But now that I upgraded, it does not do that anymore. I've looked through uTorrent's preferences and I couldn't find anything to fix it.

Somebody please help! Thanks in advanced!

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Yes, I am missing detailed info for torrents.

In the preferences, there is no option for 'Show detailed info.'. There is a "send detailed info when updating torrents" option, which does not fix the problem when checked. Right clicking on the torrent does not show an option to show any detailed info either.

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