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Symbolic Directory Structure


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I often encounter this issue when I finish downloading a torrent: I want to keep seeding, but I need to move the files elsewhere on my system in order to serve their purpose. For instance, if I am downloading music I will want to move the files into the iTunes library wherein they get reshuffled and reorganized into the directory structure that iTunes uses.

Thus I am presented then with three options:

* Keep the files in place and don't integrate them into my library

* Stop seeding and integrate the files into my library

* Copy the files into my library, doubling their disk usage

What I would like to see is a feature that would allow me to seed a torrent given a symbolic directory structure: i.e. tell the torrent client that while file x should be seeding as if it were still in the torrent's directory, it's real location is over-here-in-my-iTunes-library.

Is there any way to make this possible? Are there any torrent clients that have a similar feature? Maybe I could do it by using symlinks on my computer, but then I have a feeling that the torrent client would just seed the symlink reference files instead of the files themselves...

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