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UI Shortcut fail


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I use keyboard shortcuts in Windows programs.

After right-clicking a torrent (outside of the Label field), I press A, E to access the Advanced, Set Download location menu item.

The next item, Set Destination Name, despite being marked with the 'N' underlined, also responds to 'E'. This option does not respond to 'N'.

While the loss in usability might seem small, I now have to change my working habits and the logic of the menu structure to click this option, or press <Enter>, or some similar workaround. It proves irksome when I have to repeat the action several times - and yes, I know the action 'stacks up' if I first highlight multiple torrents.

I understand that this might seem an unimportant and obscure error, but it does seem as if the fix should be simple.

I just downloaded and upgraded to uTorrent 3.3.1 Beta (build 29335) per the relevant forum sticky. The problem remains.

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Yep, looks like someone made a typo. "S&et Destination &Name..." :P Trivial fix. It'll be corrected in the next build for each version.

I forgot that this menu line/item is relatively new, and tradition says - at least one bug per line... ;)

Time to fix the bugs with it's functionality... I forget what they were... Can you remind me how to use this feature to rename existing download location (a folder of a multi-file torrent)? When I do, uT looses the correlation to the download and "Open Containing folder" does not work any more. I'm sure I am missing something...

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