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script copy all from certain tracker


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hi i have a tracker i use together with sickbeard an di now would like to copy every finnished job from that tracker ta another folder but still leave a copy to seed.

I guess i should have something like this in uTorrent

D:\utorrent_sickbeard.bat "%F" "%T"


And then the script is there someno who could help me make a simple script that search for like 2-3 trackers and if that file/folder is from that tracker copy the file to e:\_dl\sickbeard?

Thanks in advanced :)

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Ive gotten pretty far now and the only thing missing is to see if a string contains a certain text.

I have a trcker that have a lot of random stuff like it seems is ther a way to see if the string contains like "tracker.mytracker.com" instead of scompare the whole string?

The tracker i have is like this : tracker.mytracker.com/sdfggw5gr6he56hyjhdtyujdtyj7jdtjd4w4t45ty45y4y/1532794/announce

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Got the solution on anoother forum and this is what worked in the end

echo.%str2% | findstr /C:"%str1%" 1>nul

if errorlevel 1 (
echo. Returnerade 1 - pattern not found - Do what you want here
) ELSE (
echo. Returnerade 0 - found pattern - Do what you want here

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