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upload connections just die out


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The big issue I have ATM is with uploading/seeding.

I created and uploaded my first torrent and have been trying to initial seed it since yesterday and this is all I get.

I sit here and watch the connections come in and go up to maybe 80-100k when gradually down to NOTHING in maybe 10-15 seconds and just die and disappear only to come right back and do the same over and over and over and over, etc, etc, etc .....

I'm not any kind of expert but this cannot be normal behavior.

Also there is maybe 10-15 sitting in queue that do not ever seem to connect. Why not?

There is only maybe 2-6 connected at any given time.

I don't think I've ever seen a connection that lasted over 30-45 seconds yet.

What is causing this and how to fix?

BTW I have had no issues downloading for months and I am not downloading anything since started initial-seeding.

updated: latest (3.2.3)

connection 19MB down/8MBup


max up: 0

max down: 0

global max: 500

max peers per torrent: 100

number upload slots: 16


elapsed time: 13hrs

d/l: 0

d/l speed: 0.0kB/s

d/l limit: infinite

remaining: infinite

uploaded: 2.54GB

upload speed: avg.37.11kB/s

up limit: infinite

wasted: 0

seeds: 0 of 84 connected (30 in swarm)

peers: 7 of 57 connected (18 in swarm)

share ratio: 6.501

status: initial-seeding


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turn off initial seeding

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.

Ok will do but that then begs the question of when to use it, etc?

I created the torrent myself and AFAIK no one has even gotten a full copy of it yet as the highest % I've seen it less than 50%?

Isn't that option to ensure at least ONE good copy of the seed?

OR is 'my' copy considered the one 'good' copy?

What is/would be the proper way to use it please?

Thanks again .....

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OK ~ thanks!

After shutting down utorrent and reopening and letting it download again and start seeding and watching it for awhile, it now acts differently in the following ways. (still not uploading correctly IMHO)

STILL the same problem except now it seems much worse as it will only go up to like 15-20kB/s before dying out like before..

Now only shows like 5-9 peers at a time but ONLY connects to one at a time.

This can't be right.

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