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time capsule and "files missing"


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I have a timecapsule with shared drive and µtorrent on a laptop.

When I move away from the network (outside) and comeback, then the files are showing as "Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck".

Normal could you say, except that before leaving the place, I ensure shutting down µtorrent first, then close the laptop.

Then when coming back I ensure that I have network connectivity first, then start µtorrent.

Still, it keeps showing the error message.

I know I could re-check but I'm a seeder and have very large amount to recheck, it takes several hours each time.

Note: When I do the re-check the first folder it comes at is My documents, as if it detected indeed that it got disconnected. I suspect µtorrent is not using just the share name as reference but some other IDs that might indeed change.

Anyone knows way around it?


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Thanks but I think that's already what I stated I was doing. You made me open my eyes wider on the matter, thank you.

I think the thing I didn't understand was to wait for the mount to complete, which after checking takes longer than expected.

To automate the process and avoid forgetting doing it manually, I made a script. The automator app does a "get specified servers" then a "connect to servers".

That automates the reconnection of the network drive whenever my wifi connection is re-established.


while true;


if (airport -I | grep "Wi-Fi XYZ")


automator connect_data_share.app


sleep 1



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