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Drive disconnected pushes incomplete torrents to completed (Invalid)


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I'm not sure if this a new bug or known troubleshooting help me post so I'll start here.

I have a number of USB 3.0 hard drives pooled together into one giant P: drivepool (via StableBit.com)

uTorrent settings in question:

Location of Downloaded Files

P:\Downloads\!!incomplete downloads in progress

Move completed downloads to


This all works great if all drives are online. Once in awhile I'll accidently disconnect my USB hard drives which of course cause my P: drive to go offline.

When this happens uTorrent will copy any torrent with download progress from the incompleted folder to my completed folder. All the torrents in utorrent will report as being in error / invalid. I can re-start all of them, but from then on the downloads will continue to use the files in the completed folder even though it's not completed yet.

If I manually move the files from completed back to incompleted, utorrent will create a new folder with the same name in completed again. (and the torrent will start over at 0%)

Is this a bug or can I tweak settings further to avoid the behavior? If not, can I at least manully correct the incompleted torrents to use the partial files in the incompleted folder once again?

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