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Bandwidth smart allocation


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i was wondering if there is a way to configure utorrent that it will try to get maximum speed for first torrent and the rest of my line would take other torrents and when more speed on my first torrent is available then it could completely shut the other torrents off so the first one would be downloaded in the smallest amount of time as possible.

I tried to set bandwidth allocation for first to high and for the rest to low, but it didn't help. One of the low took 70% of my line and the first had 30%. But when i paused low torrents the first took 100% of my line. So the allocation settings didn't solve anything.

Is this somehow possible to achiveve? That the first would have my whole line, but when it doesn't the rest would take it until the first could have it?

Thank you.


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Yes i am aware of functionality of torrent system.

I don't know if I explained the problem correctly.

Let's make an example.

Let's say that i have 8Mbit/s so i can download 1MB/s.

Let's say i am downloading 2 torrents and i want the first one to be downloaded as fast as possible.

Solutions are to pause second download or just allow utorrent to download just one torrent at the time.

BUT those solutions are not too effective.

Let's say first torrent is downloading just 600KB/s so there is 400KB/s left to use.

I want the second torrent to use just those 400KB/s and i don't want the second torrent to take ANY of speed from first. So when first torrent makes more connections for download it will still speed up and second slow down even if it would shut down the second torrent totaly.

My question is, if there is any configuration that could allow me to do this. If there is not any, then I think it would be a pretty cool feature to do :D

Btw, thanks for your time.

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