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new installation of win, can't recover complete torrents and uploads


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A few days ago i installed windows 8 onto a new hdd, so the old hdd is still untouched. I'm trying to recover my old torrents and file with no results:

I have copied the %Appdata% folder; i have launched utorrent, but every torrent show the same error in the status bar, more or less "impossible to open .torrent file at "directory" " .

I have also edited the "resume.dat" file and changed the disk path from C: to F: (that's the current allocation of my old hard disk).

When i try to add a single .torrent, located in the same folder of the complete files, utorrent don't recognize files, also after force re-check it show "arrested at 0%".

Help :( (sorry for bad english)

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Remove the .loaded extension. If there are more than a handful, download and install this tool >>>> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=124826

I've also uploaded a rename pattern file for it at http://chrishirst.is-my-name.com/dload/remove-loaded-ext.zip to remove the extra extension.

Extract the .bru file from the zip then open it with the rename utility.

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