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Upload Very Sloww


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Hi people,

This is a list of my current settings, I've had a good read through all sorts of stickys and cant seem to fix my problem. I am using a private tracker torrentleech and am having issues with uploading. I have got the green light in the bottom right of the screen for network.

Im running Windows Home Server 2011 and have added to firewall and DMZ the server through the router.

Current Settings:

Utorrent Version = v3.3

UPLOAD Limit = 70KB/s

Upload Slots = 5

Connections Torr = 50

Connections MAX = 150


MAX ACTIVE Down. = 4

Protocol Encryption is set to enabled

If anyone can help with this it would be great. Download fly incredibly fast but I just can't get uploads going at all!! Torrent i'm seeding are up to date and quite popular torrents so should have peers to upload too.



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