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"Move completed downloads to" in Prefs


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I see that this option is executed right after when the torrent has been fully downloaded. Meaning that the file must remain in the moved directory since otherwise no more uploading is possible.

Since I let a Mini do all my up/downloading and after finishing the file must be copies to the iMac this is nog a good behavior.

So would it be possible to either:

- add an option "Copy completed downloads to ....."


- change the present option such that it only moves after completion of upload.

I would prefer the first ('copy ...") functions.

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Or of course you could simply set a 'bash' script to do this when the job finishes.

Weel' date=' why don't you write one maybe more people will appreciate it.[/quote']

OK off the top of my head.

cp $1/$2/* /destination_dir/$1/$2/*

set destination_dir to suit your system

call it with "path/filename.sh %D %N"

Don't have uTorrent on Mac or Linux to test with.

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