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Checking files very slow when minimized, fast when foreground window


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Hey guys,

I am using utorrent 3.1.2.. When utorrent is checking a file after shutting down improperly, when minimized or not the foreground window the hard drive light is just blinking on and off, and progress is very slow with checking the integrity of the torrent data. Only if utorrent is the foreground window will utorrent check files at full speed with the hard drive light being on nearly all the time and progress is quick. This happens every time without exception and I am thinking it is some sort of algorithm designed to try and not slow down the user's computer but I can find no such settings.

Download/upload speeds are not affected if minimized/background window versus foreground. Just I/O activity is greatly reduced.

No I won't install a newer version.


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Well was it a known bug in the 3.1.2. version?
Dunno. I'm not running an old client.
If not then the question is valid imo.

Seeing how OLD versions are NOT supported on the forum your opinion of a 'valid' question doesn't count.

I don't want the bloat of a new version.
I think 'Tough!' is the only worthwhile response.
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