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uTorrent Player/Streamer and VLC Issues and Quirks....


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I usually can fix small issues in utorrent by myself but there is a strange behavior with the built in player in utorrent that I can't reason out.

Recently, uTorrent 3.3 stable was not behaving correctly on my PC after working well for weeks. It would not save torrents and the settings would be reset constantly. Also, the utorrent player did not play any files correctly and the sound and video would lag and stutter horribly. I erased the appdata and reg. entries, and reinstalled successfully. I also reinstalled VLC because I figured it was causing the problems with the utorrent player. The problem is that when I try to play files now the utorrent player is completely different. It used to be that the built in player had a green play button, a green seek file bar, and green volume adjustment. The player now is ugly, with blue buttons, no seek bar, and an annoying black box telling me that I am using the utorrent player and I can choose another application to launch files. The problem is I don't want an external video player opening when I choose the stream/play option in utorrent, I

d rather use the built in player, which (I think) uses some sort of VLC plugins.

For example, this is the ugly player I'm using right now ( http://imgur.com/UIe5eLw )

This is what I used to be using before reinstalling both VLC and Utorrent. (Kind of low res but only picture I could find http://imgur.com/RBKFmM4

I know its not a uTorrent Plus difference because I never bought utorrent plus or used it and I have always used the installer from utorrent.com.

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