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Newbie Question: Why aren't peers connecting?


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I've downloaded literally thousands of torrents, but today I created my very first torrent. After a couple of false starts, I finally got it working... sort of.

About 8 hours ago I uploaded the file to a site that I (and thousands of others) use to download torrents. I didn't expect immediate results, so it didn't surprise me that for several hours the information in the Trackers tab said that I was the only seed (DUH!) and no peers. Then, I started to see some activity.

My max upload speed isn't anything to brag about (250ish kB/s). The torrent's one file is about 2GB, so it took the first downloader a couple hours to get it all. Also, no surprise, it was a "grab and go" - after updating several times, the Tracker tab still says 1 seed (I can't complain... I do it more than I'd like to admit).

It is now 2 hours since my one and only downloader has departed to parts unknowable. The Info tab is saying "Peers: 0 of 6 connected (3 in swarm)"

Why aren't any of these peers connecting to me? Is there anything I can do to force a connection to them?


These are the trackers that are showing activity:








(In addition to DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange which are also listing peers)

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