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Some torrents struggle to get to 100%, gap visible in downloaded info


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hi, I'm using 29335 version, though this has happened earlier versions too.

Some downloads shows a little gap on info tabs downloaded bar and download is stuck because of that gap. File availability shows over 100 but still utorrent couldn't find the piece. If I hit stream, file will be almost instantly completed. If I wait long enough, file will in most cases complete by itself, it just can take quite long.

just as example if file is 200mb, it gets to 99.x percent in couple minutes, but then the last bits can take an hour to complete. :|

Can't really say exactly when this begun but this hasn't been a problem earlier.

Anyone else?


I'm also having quite a lot writing errors, have restart bigger torrents several times to get them going. Problems occur only when adding torrents, when they get past the beginning, then they'll work. Yes, have read about indexing and virus protection, but I'll consider those as essentials and they can't be the main problem.. No other software has any trouble with them..

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