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New update torrents get stuck


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I was notified today of a new update and went ahead with it.

Since doing the updgrade, I have been experiencing odd behaviour with utorrent. It would connect to the magnet links, download the metadata and then go over to a "Checked 0.0%" and not start connecting to peers.

Now remember this is a new torrent, to get it to download, I stop the torrent, Force Recheck, Exit uTorrent, Start uTorrent and then the torrent shows Stopped, when I click Force Start, it starts to connect to peers and downloads fine.


As you can see in the screenshot, the other two I have already had to do the stop, recheck, exit, start bit to get them to work, the last one I left as is to show what happens, and I have included the tracker tab to show that there are peers available.

Version is: version 3.3 (build 29420) [32-bit]

Update: I thought I should just include a screenshot of the torrent downloading after following the same procedure I did with the other two.


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What worked perfectly for me was deleting 3.3 and DL'n 3.2 and running the install.

still an upgrade from the 3.1 I've used since it's release but this proved my paranoia about their updates.

*edit point* also I would like to specify that utorrent is one of the best things in my life and I trust and have seen that the team behind the standard of how we share media is without a doubt committed to the interest of their base.

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same symptoms as op. latest build 3.3.

Had some live torrents in queue during upgrade from previous build (would have been the latest previous version - as i always upgrade when prompted.(will back up old exe in future)). Various tinkering (start/stop app, start/stop torrent) would get stuck torrents going again, but problems persisted with newly added torrents.

NB i dont install utorrent as such, its just the exe in a folder.

reverted to older version in the mean time. Any consensus on cause / how to work around the problem yet?

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I am experiencing the same issues and resolutions as mesavage. Here's me thanking for the advice given. I have to repeat this procedure with each torrent stuck on "Checked 0.0%". Stop the torrent, Force Recheck, Exit uTorrent and wait a minute or so, Start uTorrent and then the torrent shows Stopped, and then Start the said torrent.

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