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3 users on Router. Speed Optimization.


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I know about official speed optimization table, but this table talk about ONLY ONE user. In my situation, users three (3) and we connected to internet with router (asus wl500gp). Speed 10mbit (local and internet).

I need settings (or new speed table).


sorry for my english.


us three persons. we are at the same time connected through a router. all three active users of torrents. we want to optimize our clients that the network would brake ours less.


In the official table, only one case is considered. When the person only one also is connected directly. Us THREE, we Are active and connected through a router. The table under our case (when some people are connected through the ROUTER) is necessary to us. Even optimization is more necessary to us.

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You not absolutely understood me. Three users, three certain and independent persons, use torrents the whole day and every day. I not in the right to forbid it to someone. It is necessary to all three, at the same time to use torrents.

I only want to ask, what settings need to be made in the sections "Speed" and "In addition" on client EVERYONE a torrent that we could at the same time and SWING both the WEB SURFING and ICQ, Skype.

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Purchase of the fourth computer isn't planned (expensively), to use one of three for torrents too not option, because THREE DIFFERENT, independent, adult, with different interests of the person, not in good relations with each other. Generally it not option. It is simpler to adapt (to adjust) all three utorrent of the program, but taking into account what the person three, the channel one. Competently to limit to all speed, can EDIT in the section "In addition" something. At us at the Russian forums, advise the net.max_halfopen and bt.connect_speed parameters to edit on all three computers.

Here that I also want from you to learn. It is simple to me to set all a downloading return limit on 300 kb/sec or me still to establish to all net.max_halfopen on 30?

More particularly as where to adjust. Tariff at us: TO 10 MBIT/sec on the Internet and a local network. When I swing by means of utorrent, it shows the maximum speed in 900kb/sec to or 1.1 mbit.

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When I swing by means of utorrent
Maybe a little too much information about your private life there, but hey! Whatever turns you on ;)
person three, the channel one
Do the maths!!!

One connection/Three machines ==== suggested settings divided by THREE, ON EACH MACHINE. It won't be perfect but it does, at least in theory, give each machine equal shares of the available bandwith/data transfer. Also if you enable uTP on all machines, it should allow for each machine to adapt to what is available.

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