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The program says i do not have enough free space on my hard - not true


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OS - Windows 7 Ultimate - 32 bit

uTorrent version - 3.3 (build 29342)

I have 12 GB of free space on one of my hdd partitions, and i want to download a torrent which is made of 3 parts, 7GB each, 21 GB total. Even though i want to download just one of the parts ( i select just one), 10-15 seconds after the download starts, a notification appears in the lower right corner saying "there is not enough free space on your hard drive".


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I experienced this bug as well and I understand why it occurs, however, it shouldn't occur when it does.

If utorrent is set to pre-allocate space it begins doing so until it runs out of space. The problem is that it stops downloading at that point. This is a major bug in my opinion because it doesn't download data for space it's already pre-allocated. I was downloading a 212gb multipart torrent and it pre-allocated about 100gb before running out of space and stopping the torrent... from there I had to manually set files to skip, go in and delete pre-allocation slots, run a force check (which takes a LONG time on a torrent that size) and then wait until I could free up space to finish the rest.

The program should place the error message on the specific part it can't pre-allocate space for until everything it has pre-allocated is downloaded then make it a general error message. It should also not require a forced check to continue.

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