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what els can I do in windows 8 FW outbound rules?


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I've searched this forum but didn't find a clue so far. So I post a new topic. Its supposed to be very simple but.........

I got "DHT: waiting for log in" issue after block FW outbound of course 2 rules for uTorrent in outbound are added:

1. TCP, all ports

2. UDP, all ports

What els can I do???

BTW there are 2 rules in inbound list for uTorrent created by itself.

Details for your reference:

OS: windows 8 Home Premium

Firewall: windows

uTorrent used to work well with Norton trial FW & ZA free FW but for other reasons I removed them.

Now I'm using windows 8 firewall.

By using FW default profile settings i.e. ALLOW outbound the uTorrent works very well as with the other 2 FWs.

But for security reason I BLOCK outbound and manually add the apps I usually use include uTorrent. All apps work well except uTorrent.

Very confused what was wrong any ideas please?



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