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Won't update automatically as it once did and.....


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I'm using uTorrent on a Windows 7-64bit machine. Utorrent in general is doing it's job well for me as it has since I started torrenting. But something changed other then tweaks, interface, etc.. It ALWAYS updated itself. It would ask first, if I said no, it would ask again when I turned uTorrent off and on again. I usually never said no unless was in rush for whatever reason.

The option to update is still on. I'm always using betas so auto updating is a no brainer. Yet it has not been auto updating for months! To download a setup file for a beta is ridiculous especially for uTorrent. Every time we run setup files it's another not needed blight in different parts of a system including firewalls.

One of the things that stood out was it's single exe, portability, no nonsense. Having an installer is overkill. I'll go as far to say most torrent users don't need or want a bogus install routine. So....

1. What's happened to the availability to download the actual executable?

2. Why has uTorrent, especially the betas stopped updating itself?

You need people to run betas, that's why they're betas and linked for download. I understand betas can have issues, but this has gone on way to long.

Every one of the settings remains (thankfully) when using the installer yet it asks like a retarded child "do you want uTorrent to be your default blah blah blah. What's wrong with it is that is, the default and still the only torrent program on the pc.

Dump the installer or offer the option of the actual executable. In way to many apps installers are bogus crap that add crap lines to a registry that weren't needed in the first place.

And please fix the auto update. It was so quick, silent and efficient.

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