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Utorrent won't run or uninstall


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Been using utorrent for ages but today it wouldn't launch. Got the message that utorrent was running but not responding. A reboot did't help

So I went to try uninstall through windows but wouldn't uninstall - just got message saying 'please what until current program is finshied uninstalling or being changed'.

I have now downloaded Revo Uninstaller to try that - currently been running for about 15 mins but still nothing . Still 'analyzing and starting the programs built in uninstaller for the default uninstall'

I will leave it going but if this doesn't work I am out of ideas

Anyone any suggestions - cheers in advance

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can you just delete the utorrent directory and re install after a reboot?

depending where you installed it probably program apps and also %AppData%

also try opening task manager (right click on taskbar) and stopping the process/application from there

or try booting into safe mode and see if you can uninstall it from there

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