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No files downloaded?


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So recently i have been downloading torrents and they appear in utorrent in the "files" tab but not in my downloads folder, so i could open them directly from utorrent but they did not appear on my computer at all. I have tried searching the names and they do not appear anywhere. When downloading a new torrent i saw that it was saving to "1/" and it had "create subfolder ticked" the only other options on the drop down menu for "save in" are "C:\users\username\videos" or "C:\users\username\downloads" or "1/". So when the torrent is finished downloading and appears on utorrent and i right click and select "open containing folders " it takes me my documents folder with nothing selected. And the files are not in my documents folder at all.

Recently i tried changing the "save in" to C:\users\username\videos from "1/" and now when the torrents appear in utorrent in the "files" tab at the bottom, they do not open at all. So i cannot torrent anything now and I'm not sure whats going on. Any help would be appreciated

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