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locks up/reboot wont solve problem (new issue)


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Still don't have my previous problem fixed but a new problem has shown up now.

I started a 350gig large collection torrent several days ago and everything has gone to hell now. Utorrent no longer responds for hours at a time and transfer rate remains under 10k nonstop now. I've started larger torrents than this with no problem in the past.

Normally it would take hours to create up all the files needed/claim the space on the drive, and would return to normal. It's been days now. A forced cancel and reboot only seemed to make the problem worse - it interrupted some other downloads, and now force recheck on those files no longer works. It never does anything even hours later.

It's not impossibly locked, sometimes it will respond every however many hours (more than 12 hours since last response, but before that it was like 4 hours or so) and it's using cpu showing it's doing something - but I can't figure out what. When it does respond, both upload and download are sub-10k - this is unlike past issues when starting a new torrent and drive contention slowed it for a few hours. It's DAYS now with no improvement. CPU use indicates it still believes it's doing something but I don't know what it is. All files were seemingly created days ago. Nothing is downloading. Any suggestions what to look into or how to make anything work again?

PS - during the segment where it does respond, asking utorrent to shut down has it still up hours and hours later. Like 24 hours later the program is 200 megs slower but it's still not shut down.

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