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"Error: Write to Disk: Access Denied" - windows server issue??


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i have windows 7 64bit running on my HTPC 24/7

everything works fine but wanted to be able to remote desktop into it while it was being used and not log the person using it out.

i fixed that with this


which changes the termsrv.dll. probably from a windows server edition

but now it has screwed up utorrent

they still seem to be getting downloaded and appear in in done folder but torrents added arent showing up when logged on at the HTPC or getting "Error: Write to Disk: Access Denied"

and webgui is the same but it can show different torrents and the second user logged in also shows different torrents

so i dont know what torrents are actually added as each login is showing something different

and then they all show errors

would changing utorrent to run as a service fix this?


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